about us

Class 1947 Dipl. Eng.Mechanics. He has worked for several years at the company Italo and Dante - F.LLI Pinfari in the field of designing roller coasters and commercial negotiations with the largest parks d 'Europe and the World: WONDERLAND TEXAS, Perks IRELAND WORLD OFFUN USA (see certificates of references).
In the 1985 created with members of the fund rides Bergantino (RO) ITALRIDES Co Ltd for the construction, keys in hand, parks theme remember: AL JUBAHIA Jordan, APPUGHAR Delhi etc. and began collaborating with CHIPPERFIELD GROUP Uk for the binomial and SAFARI PARK and THEME PARK.

In 1989 creates, with autonomous production, the new ITALRIDES by DANIEL PINFARI for the construction of FLUME RIDES sold in USA: Nickel's Pier and Phlippenes as well as the beginning of the production of the famous BRUCOMELA.

In 1996 he created another activity called DPV RIDES By Daniel Pinfari with a large area courtyard for assembly and increase the construction of BRUCOMELA and the new version of MINE TRAIN without traction chain, but with pneumatic to friction, installations in the UK: ADVENTURE WONDERLAND, CLARENCE PIER by MANNING'S JIM and JILL NORMAN, MILKYWAY AMUSEMENT PARK.

Mission for the future of Daniel Pinfari, creating the most feasable possibilities for investor and buyers of amusement park to get quality and safe products in the tradition of the heritage of the brothers Italo and Dante Pinfari.